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Pretty Little Piece

Gold Flat Heart Bracelet

Gold Flat Heart Bracelet

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About this product

♡ 14K Gold Filled

All of our pieces are made with either 925 sterling silver or 14k gold filled chains and products. Gold filled products differ from gold plated in that gold filled is at least 5% gold by weight bonded to a stronger base metal. What this does is allow for a more durable piece that is also more cost effective, and because it is filled not plated, it will not chip off and cause skin irritations over time.

♡  All of our jewelry is water and sweat proof, although, to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new we recommend removing it before going into chlorinated pools/hot tubs and saltwater. 

♡ To care for your pretty little piece we suggest occasionally washing with warm water and immediately drying. If you want to take cleaning one step further, jewelry cleaning cloths and solutions also do wonders according to manufacturer directions.

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